Get FREE Home Cleaning Credits


Free Home Cleaning Credits

We reward our loyal customers with our refer a friend program!
Every time you refer a friend who signs up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly home cleaning service, you can earn FREE home cleaning credits. After your referral’s 5th service has been completed, you will receive a credit toward your next cleaning(s) of 10% of the total services billed before taxes for your referral’s first 5 cleaning services. The friend(s) you refer will also receive 10% off their first home cleaning by mentioning your name.

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Share the news with your friends and profit!

Who do you know who could benefit from our home cleaning service?

•Moms with newborn babies and/or young children
•People who are unable to work due to illness or injury
•Those preparing for special occasions
•Homeowners trying to sell their home
•Anyone who just doesn’t have the time to clean

An Example Of A Cleaning Credit For a Customer and their Referral Customer

Mary, a regular customer, referred her friend Betty as a new Customer and
Betty’s first Cleaning was for $150 less $15 (10%) = $135.

Betty received a $15 Cleaning Credit on her 1st Cleaning (Compliments of Mary).

Mary would also enjoy a Cleaning Credit Referral of 10% of $150 = $15 plus an additional 10% on Betty’s second cleaning.

We will apply this credit to Mary’s cleaning following Betty’s second cleaning as thank you for the referral.