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Green cleaning products and the idea of green cleaning is becoming increasingly popular as environmental movements become firmly entrenched in the mainstream – but what exactly is green cleaning and what role can I play that will make a difference?

Green Cleaning Defined

Green cleaning uses a combination of products, practices and equipment to clean effectively while protecting both the environment and the health of people in that environment. Of course this is achieved while also achieving and maintaining a satisfactory standard of disinfection and cleanliness.


The benefit of green cleaning is the improved health and safety of humans, all living creatures and the surrounding environment. Green cleaning can be more efficient and can offer cost savings as the quantities of chemicals required in the cleaning process are generally greatly reduced.

Air Quality

Green cleaning products and chemicals replace toxic chemicals that may have been used in the past. These toxic products may have been high in irritants, dangerous compounds or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Such toxic chemicals can remain in the local environment for some time after use. This is important for cleaning inside homes, offices and other buildings like hospitals and schools as those chemicals can have a significant impact on the building’s indoor air quality and your health. Part of the Spotless Maid green cleaning system is to purify your indoor air with our quality high performance air purifier while our home cleaning professionals clean your home or office.

Biodegradability and Recycling

Green chemicals are biodegradable and are provided in recyclable containers. Many come in a highly concentrated form to reduce packaging and the adverse environmental effects of transporting the product from its place of manufacture.

Green Cleaning Equipment

The green cleaning movement has also given rise to changes in equipment used for cleaning. Vacuum cleaners may now come equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that trap small particles that would either be left behind by conventional vacuum cleaners or worse, lifted and spread into the air. By removing these tiny particles the air quality in the building is also improved. Our Cleaning cloths and mops are also integral to the green cleaning movement. Some cloths are manufactured from polyester microfibers that attract and capture dust particles by static charge. Other cloths are made from fabrics that facilitate cleaning with water alone and don’t require the use of any supplementary cleaning products or chemicals. Our cleaning cloths contain silver, an antibacterial agent that is woven into the microfibre cloth. Surfaces are left dirt and residue free and stay clean longer.

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