…helping to keep your home cleaner

Cleaning Tips #1 Leave Your Shoes at the Entry or in the Mudroom

Some studies estimate that as much as 80%-85% of all the dirt and toxins that enter your home come in on the soles of your shoes. Leave your shoes and the unwanted dirt and toxins at the door and your cleaning chores automatically lessen.

Cleaning Tips #2 Use Door Mats

This will remove about 50% of the dirt that comes in your house. You should be taking at least 5 steps on the mats to take off the majority of dirt. This is important if you elect not to leave your shoes at the door or you don’t have an entry or mudroom in which to leave them.

Cleaning Tips #3 Manage The Clutter

Take a hard look at the things in your home, and ask yourself whether they are contributing to your life or detracting from it. Some people say you should have nothing in your home that you don’t know you need or believe to be beautiful. We all have different styles of decorating and tolerance for accessories. Just remember that everything that you set on a tabletop or counter must be maintained (dusted, cleaned, etc.) on a regular basis.

Cleaning Tips #4 Clean from Left to Right and Top to Bottom

Actually if you are left-handed, you might want to clean from right to left, just be methodical in working your way around a room so you are more efficient and don’t miss anything. By working from top to bottom, you can avoid having streaks or dust settling down on already cleaned surfaces.

Cleaning Tips #5 Try to use only Natural and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

We are all trying to play our role in sustaining a healthier environment. Eco-friendly cleaning products are generally as effective or even more so than chemicals and are a lot healthier on your family and the environment. Actually, many chemicals use very hazardous ingredients that are extremely harmful to your health. There are many quality eco-friendly products available including recipes using common household products online. Avoid harmful chemicals at all costs, but if you find out it is absolutely required, make sure you wear rubber gloves and work in a well-ventilated area, as the fumes being emitted from these toxic chemical can be extremely harmful to your health.

Cleaning Tips #6 Try to Develop a Good Cleaning Schedule

If you always clean the bathrooms on Monday and change the sheets on Friday (or whatever), you’ll never let any area get too far behind. Procrastination has a way of building on itself, and it also leads to feelings of guilt and self-doubt