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TW_1A Greener Cleaner Network Inc. is a non-profit organization comprised of local professional independent home cleaning entrepreneurs coming together to improve the quality of service they can offer their customer. Each member commits to a business and cleaning standard that not only results in a cleaner and healthier environment, but also offers exceptional benefits for everyone.

Is AGC Cleaning Professional Better?

What AGC professional can now offer their customers through this network of cleaners is a viable alternative to the big corporate cleaners and smaller independent cleaners you see today. The new concept this organization brings to our professionals gives the independent cleaner a stronger professional platform allowing smaller like-minded independent cleaning entrepreneurs to come together and grow their business much more effectively and efficiently under a “Standard of Excellence” set by AGC organization that translates into a much more reliable, dependable, affordable professional cleaning service for their customers.



Primary Goal of AGC

The primary goal of AGC is to establish better working conditions for those who work hard to clean their client’s home while at the same time greatly improving the quality of services their customers receive.

AGC_SealOfExcellence1A Greener Cleaner Network of Professional Home Cleaning Entrepreneurs has established their own “Standard of Excellence” for doing business resulting in a higher quality and more consistent cleaning service with many improved benefits for all


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