Welcome to A Greener Cleaner (AGC’s) latest news blog. Stay tuned to this blog as we’ll soon be introducing a brand new cleaning concept for your home. A concept we know that will excite you because we will be able to service your needs much better and offer you benefits that far exceed our competitors.

This blog will start featuring many of the new benefits we will be offering our clients under a new organization called “A Greener Cleaner” Network. “A Greener Cleaner” (AGC) Network is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of professional cleaning entrepreneurs committed to providing you with the best cleaning services available at very competitive rates.

Why is AGC Better for Our Cleaning Professionals ?

What our professionals will offer its customers through “A Greener Cleaner” is a viable alternative to the big corporate cleaners and smaller independent cleaners you see today. The new concept this organization brings to our professionals will be a stronger professional platform for smaller like-minded independent cleaners to come together and grow their business much more effectively and efficiently under a “Standard of Excellence” set by AGC organization that translates into a much more reliable, dependable, affordable professional cleaning service to offer my customers.

Primary Goal of AGC

The primary goal of AGC is to establish better working conditions for those who work hard to clean your home while at the same time greatly improving the quality of services they offer you.

  • Establishing a new “Standard of Excellence” for those who clean your home so they may bring you a higher quality and more consistent cleaning service with much improved benefits

Follow this Blog for some of the many great benefits a cleaner that is accepted as a member of ACG organization will have to offer their clients!

Look for this symbol to soon find a Cleaning Professional who meets AGC’s “Standard of Excellence” for Home and Office Cleaning.



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