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Spotless Maid proudly uses environmentally supreme and safe products made by Norwex, a company dedicated to improving the quality of life! Our home cleaning services are ideal for home owners who care about their environment and the space they live in. *See the testimonial below.

  • Our cleaning is especially beneficial for those with health issues. We do not use chemicals to clean your home, and one of the many benefits is that your home will stay cleaner longer.
  • We use only the best qualified cleaning professionals who meet “A Greener Cleaner” Standard of Excellence to clean your home.
  • Our quality control program comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

*Local Customer’s Testimonial

“Providing much more than home cleaning services, Spotless Maid is dedicated to the environment and to the good health of their client’s homes. Spotless Maid has researched the latest in ecologically friendly cleaning products, and avoids all chemicals. As an asthmatic and person with allergies, their chemical-free approach is invaluable. Spotless Maid leaves my house spotless and smelling fresh and natural.” ~ Kelly, regular bi-weekly home cleanings